Keep Tucson Together progress report

Keep Tucson Together volunteers have assisted hundreds of Pima County residents to become citizens—four hundred in the last year alone. Others have kept their families together by attaining Lawful Permanent Residency. Our volunteers have assisted more than three thousand DACA applicants and provided legal-representation packets to hundreds of people around Arizona. The KTT project currently represents eighty people in Cancellation of Removal proceedings, sixty clients appealing their sentences, and another sixty people applying for asylum. Additionally, there are over 330 cases, once covered in the past, that are now at risk of being reopened. In Pima County the federal immigration courts are reopening cases closed under the Obama administration at the rate of fifteen per day.

Volunteers meet with KTT clients at Pueblo High School on Thursday, December 20.

Keep Tucson Together meets with clients every Thursday evening and every other Saturday; we now also have an office open five days a week to cover notifications and court filings. All of our work in the clinics, the office, and the court is free.

It is a long, frightening, expensive process for a family to face deportation and other immigration issues. We work together with clients to inform and empower them. We work to Keep Tucson Together.

Featured photo: KTT volunteers review immigration forms during the weekly clinic at Pueblo High School.