What is required to stand for human rights

Dear friends of No More Deaths,

Because you have followed and supported No More Deaths, you already know the challenges that humanitarian-aid workers face in providing basic human needs like food and water to those who in desperation travel through our borderlands. We hear your voices, which encourage us to carry on because it is the right thing to do in spite of all our government does to discourage this work, including targeting our volunteers with a litany of criminal charges.

As we approach the last day to make your 2018 tax-deductible donation, we ask again for your help.

When leaving food and water for migrants in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge results in a charge of “abandonment of property,” we know we are literally in new territory. Now, more than ever, we need to fight for the right to do what we can to help prevent death and suffering of migrants in the unforgiving desert. That is our focus, and that is why with your help we will continue:

  • To provide support to the volunteers who are facing federal charges and to demand that charges be dropped
  • To provide legal services to the undocumented in our community
  • To hike the migrant trails to place food and water
  • To document abuses of law enforcement which endanger lives
  • To advocate for a more humane immigration policy alongside our allies
  • To provide aid to migrants in northern Mexico

As we approach the last day of the year to make your tax-deductible donation to No More Deaths in 2018, we ask again for your help! Please consider No More Deaths in your year-end giving.

Thank you for keeping our work going. We are deeply grateful.

In solidarity,

The No More Deaths community