Volunteering with No More Deaths

Want to be a volunteer …

… with search and rescue?

The need right now to grow our Arizona Borderlands Volunteer Search and Rescue (SAR) Team is pressing, especially during these hot summer months in the corridors of Arivaca, Ajo and Tucson. We are looking for volunteers to help us build our crew this summer. Are you…

...a first- time volunteer? (And you're located in Southern Arizona?)

You can fill out our SAR team’s interest form for new local volunteers here.

...a returning volunteer, or someone who already has SAR experience? (And you're interested in being the desert for a month?)

You can fill out our SAR team’s interest form for returning volunteers here.

… in the desert for a month?

No More Deaths has a year-round Desert Aid camp in Arivaca, Arizona. We need the support of longer-term volunteers to keep our camp running all year round. The month-long volunteer program is limited to four volunteers at any time and requires a volunteer commitment of at least one month. Our capacity for training, hosting, and supporting volunteers is limited; we are not able to accommodate groups, nor individuals who cannot stay for at least one month.

… in the desert for another period of time?
… on a day trip from Tucson?

We are not accepting volunteers to do day trips. Please connect with our friends the Tucson Samaritans and Frontera de Cristo.

… for more than one month?

Please apply for the month-long program. After completing your program, we can discuss the process to stay for a longer period. Many of our local volunteers started off as volunteers in one of our programs and then transitioned into volunteering locally.

… something else?

If you wish to come out to the desert, please apply through one of our programs. The Desert Aid volunteer programs are set up to ensure the most rewarding and valuable experience for everyone. We operate on very limited capacity and therefore we do not accommodate volunteer requests outside of our structured programs.

… locally?

The ongoing work of No More Deaths depends on a strong network of local volunteers, who organize, plan, support, and lead all aspects of our projects, such as Desert Aid, the abuse-documentation project, our Nogales projects, and more. Each project has different ways of plugging in and different time commitments: see our local volunteering page for some ways to get involved, whether you live in Arizona all year round or for part of the year.

Can’t make it here, but still want to support us?

Thank you for your support, we really truly couldn’t do it without you. Ways of supporting us include making a financial contribution (consider becoming a sustaining donor!) and getting involved in our fundraising work. See the fundraising page for information and contacts.