Contact the media team

Phone: (520) 240-1641

Or write to us right below, please include the following:

  • The name of the outlet you work for, or if you are independent, the outlet(s) you hope to pitch to.
  • The focus of your story and any other parties you may have already spoken with or may be hoping to speak with.
  • The estimated length and format (text, video, photo etc) of the piece you hope to produce.
  • Links to any relevant previous work.

Please also keep in mind our media guidelines:

  • As members of No More Deaths we represent ourselves and our organization.
  • We offer interviews with different working group members and can sometimes have media accompany us on water drops depending on availability.
  • We do not act as liaisons between media and migrant travelers.
  • We do not offer for media to follow aid workers around for a day or days at a time.
  • Our meetings are not open to media or researchers. 

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