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Position Available: Hotline & SAR Volunteer Coordinator

Application Deadline: August 1, 2021

Hours:30 hours per week

Job Description: Within the “No More Deaths” organization, the Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for increasing the number of volunteers in our humanitarian aid work in the border areas. Along with other tasks and responsibilities, the Coordinator is to prepare and implement the “Volunteer Program” for our Search & Recovery and Disappeared Persons Hotline teams.


Desert Outreach Volunteer Program (60%):

  • Represents NMD as a spokesperson for interested volunteers
  • Ensures that dates, applications, and reference forms are posted on the NMD website; at least 3 months in advance of any given program
  • Follow up with volunteer applications and the review process for those applications
  • Expand exposure of both SAR/Hotline
  • Communicate with interested, accepted, and declined volunteers
  • Provides clear and up-to-date inductive information to newly arrived volunteers.
  • Adds new volunteers to the S&R calendar, along with the logistics coordinator ensures that calendars are organized and up to date.
  • When requested will act as point of contact to collect volunteer concerns and questions, will be responsible for logging them and forwarding them to the core group or conflict resolution group as appropriate.
  • Coordinates reports for outgoing volunteers; will share necessary feedback to the working group.
  • Works as a team with the Desert Relief Logistics Coordinator.

General Coordination of NMD Volunteers (25%):

  • Ensures that the monthly inductions content is up to date.
  • In collaboration with the logistics coordinator manages NMD’s “Odds and Ends” volunteer group through Signal.
  • Manages the Tucson mailing list.

Administration and Continuing Education (15%):

  • Ensures all materials are up to date before overlapping job responsibilities with the next volunteer coordinator
  • Trains the next volunteer coordinator at the end of the term, with the help of long-term volunteers for one week.


  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Fluent in Spanish speaker
  • Self-motivated, ability to identify issues and come up with innovative solutions
  • Prior knowledge or ability to learn Office software used by No More Deaths, including: e-mail, file sharing, spreadsheets, presentations, Listserve and shared calendars.


  • 30hrs per week, at $16/hr
  • 1 year contract with option to renew
  • Contract dates: August 16, 2021 to August 16, 2022
  • Cell phone and computer provided by NMD, to be used for job purposes only
  • Employees of NMD have access to health and dental insurance
  • Access with liability to NMD vehicle (if NMD vehicle is not available, transportation costs related to NMD work will be reimbursed)

No More Deaths strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants. Individuals with personal ties to the border or who identify as coming from an affected community are especially encouraged to apply. U.S citizenship is not a requirement. No More Deaths is an equal-opportunity employer. Thanks for your interest in this position!

Apply here:

Positions Available: KTT Asylum Co-Coordinator and Parole Coordinator

*please share widely*

Keep Tucson Together is hiring 2 new positions: (1) a 20 hr/wk part-time employee to assist with the coordination of our representation of clients in asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the Convention against Torture cases, and (2) a 20 hr/wk part-time employee to coordinate paroles with our release team.

We work completely pro bono and represent anyone with a connection to the Tucson community, including recently arrived asylum seekers. For the asylum team, we are hoping that these additional hires will allow us to re-expand our capacity to work with those in ICE detention who are not from Tucson.

  1. Asylum Co-Coordinator

Job Description


  • Bottomline submission of evidence for asylum cases, to include 
    • Police reports
    • Medical reports
    • Country conditions reports
    • Human rights reports
    • Affidavits
    • Psychological/medical evaluations
    • Contracting expert witnesses and other witnesses
    • Asylum applications
    • Briefs
    • Declarations
  • Coordination of various groups of volunteers in the above work
  • Conducting extensive interviews, most frequently in Spanish

these duties may shift over time as the political situation changes


  • Bilingual Spanish and English speaker (preference for native Spanish speakers)
  • Strong writing skills
  • Strong preference for experience in immigration law/other training in law
  • Strong preference for those experienced working with trauma
  • Potential to work remotely, but must live in/be able to travel to Tucson. 
  • Trans Queer BIPOC applicants strongly encouraged to apply


  • $16/hr after taxes at 20 hrs/week, paid bimonthly
  1. Parole Coordinator Position

Job Description


  • Coordination of various volunteers
  • Occasional indepth telephonic Interviews (Spanish to English)
  • Occasional contact with clients and families (Spanish) 
  • Review and finalization of all parole applications 
  • Weekly contact with Deportation Officers via telephone 
  • Submission of Parole Applications 
  • Electronic filing in KTT online systems 
  • Printing and copying at KTT office 
  • Mailing via USPS to ICE offices
  • Flexibility to pick up other KTT work as geography of immigration may change

these duties may shift over time as the political situation changes


  • Fluency with technology
  • Good organizational and management skills
  • Commitment of at least 1 year
  • Fluency in Spanish (Native speaker preferred)
  • Strong reading and writing skills in English and Spanish 
  • Strong written and verbal translation from Spanish to English/English to Spanish
  • At least 1 year experience with volunteer coordination  
  • Must reside in Tucson, Arizona 
  • Fluency in Arabic, French, Portaguese or other languages encouraged to apply
  • Trans Queer BIPOC applicants strongly encouraged to apply

Positions to begin July 1, 2021 with a contract of 1 year, with optional renewal. The asylum co-coordinator position has the potential to transition into a full-time position with managerial responsibilities beginning July 1, 2022. 

Close supervision and training will be provided in each task until both the supervisor and the new employee feel comfortable proceeding more independently. 

To apply, please fill out the following questions, attach a copy of your resume, and email to for the asylum co-coordinator position and for the parole coordinator position by June 17, 2021. Receipts will be issued for every application, but only interviewees will be contacted further. 

  1. How do you understand the work of Keep Tucson Together? 
  2. What draws you to this work? 
  3. How do you understand your role in this work if you were to be hired? 

The Community Search & Rescue and Recovery Team is looking for: A COORDINATOR

In an effort to offer a humanitarian, nonviolent, civilian response to the crisis of disappeared persons along the border, the Community Search and Rescue Team works directly with the Disappeared Persons Hotline Team, as well as with other organizations to respond to reports of missing loved ones within the area of Southern Arizona.

Application deadline : 23 May

Term and contract conditions:

  • 25 hours a week
  • Training/shadowing period of two weeks
  • 15-17/hr with a monthly salary of $1,500-$1,700
  • June 14th, 2021 to December 14th, 2021

Job definition:

A temporary position to enhance infrastructure and communication needed for this group to function as an all-volunteer effort.  Taking into account the growth of the hotline, it is more vital than ever to have a group of volunteers that is efficient and prepared to respond to active cases. 
*Priority will be given to people already living in or near Tucson, AZ. The job will require you to live in or near Tucson, AZ.


SAR team management

  • Organize and maintain the spreadsheet of active volunteers
  • Coordinate meetings, including SAR weekly meetings and meetings with any other community and government organizations
  • Coordinate outreach and training efforts to expand the team
  • Coordinate logistics and communication during active searches, including post-search reports and follow up with hotline and authorities
  • Vehicle logistics, including maintenance and repairs
  • Expand our current gear, and maintain them more organized and accessible
  • Coordinate communication with the Missing Persons Hotline team, including regarding shared meetings, during active searches, and when a family comes to facilitate or participate in a search

Other responsibilities

  • Draft monthly reports
  • Research and reach out to other groups or resources
  • Investigate and pursue alternative funding sources to boost the project


  • Fluency in both written and spoken English and Spanish required
  • Experience in search-and-rescue and/or logistical work preferred
  • Basic computer skills, with emphasis on proficiency in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice spreadsheets and Google Earth
  • Being willing and able to communicate with law-enforcement agencies when necessary and when consent is given for their involvement in an ongoing SAR
  • Analysis of social and political dynamics creating the border crisis and commitment to confronting systematic oppression of non-US citizens in the borderlands

To apply for the position, go to the following link and answer all questions in your preferred language:
After completing all of the above requirements, you can expect the following:

  1. An email confirmation that we have received your request
  2. We will call your references
  3.  We will set aside a time for a brief telephone interview in both English and Spanish
  4. You will receive a formal reply

Position Available: SAR Volunteer Coordinator

Hours: 30 hrs (Includes 3-5 hours of weekly meetings)
Application Deadline: 23 May


This position serves to increase the outreach programs and volunteering opportunities of the Tucson Community Search Team (SAR) and Disappeared Persons Hotline teams. Primarily, this position will serve to prepare and implement the SAR/Hotline volunteer program, including overseeing the summer Monthlong program. Secondarily, the position will support in-town events aimed at building local volunteer capacity and community engagement.



  • Expand exposure of both SAR/Hotline
  • Post needs publicly and channel responses
  • Following up with vols who request information
  • Respond promptly to inquiries
  • Track volunteer applications and bottom-line application-review process
  • When solicited, serve as point person for volunteer concerns or questions and assume responsibility for bringing these to the core group and/or conflict resolution group as appropriate
  • Receive and follow up on local volunteer applications, using agreed upon screening process
  • Work closely with SAR coordinator and Hotline Staff


  • Optimize training process for on-boarding new volunteers
  • Schedule and find trainers for volunteer trainings


  • Act as admin for outreach (social medía, webpage content and applications)
  • Respond to emails and phone calls about volunteer opportunities
  • Maintain and refine social media presence

Optimization and Refining of Existing Systems

  • Improving organization of communication structures
  • Improving documentation and communication with active volunteers
  • System for vetting new volunteers


  • Attend SAR, Hotline meetings
  • Be available to attend relevant organizational meetings on a rotation (Spokes council, Personnel)


  • Bilingual in Spanish and English
  • Self-organized
  • Excellent interpersonal, conflict resolution, and organizational skills
  • Self-motivated, independently able to identify issues and come up with innovative solutions
  • Experience with program development, crisis response and/or community organizing with affected communities is a plus
  • Live in or near Tucson, AZ


  • 30hrs per week, at $15/hr
  • 6 month contract with option to renew
  • Contract dates: March 15, 2021 to September 15, 2021
  • Cell phone and computer provided by NMD, to be used for job purposes only
  • Employees of NMD have access to health and dental insurance
  • Personnel support group will meet with the volunteer coordinator on a monthly basis (or as needed) to provide ongoing support and feedback during the time of service.

No More Deaths strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities,women, and LGBTQ+ applicants. Individuals with personal ties to the border or who identify as coming from an affected community are especially encouraged to apply. U.S. citizenship is not a requirement. No More Deaths is an equal-opportunity employer.Thanks for your interest in this position!

Apply here:


No More Deaths is accepting applications for the following paid position.

Apply by: May 16, 2021
Start: June 21, 2021

Apply Here

Term of service
One year

Job definition
In recent years, No More Deaths has grown from an all volunteer organization to incorporate paid positions for critical tasks that are difficult to fill with volunteer labor. Due to the non-hierarchical structure of No More Deaths, this position is not solely responsible for all HR issues, but instead is responsible for coordinating volunteers and staff to make sure HR and personnel issues are handled. The personnel coordinator is responsible for organizing systems to support NMD staff, ensure that staff are meeting expectations, and coordinate responses to conflict or issues involving staff. As this is a newer position in No More Deaths, the personnel coordinator will be creating and improving personnel systems for the organization.


  • Schedule and organize monthly personnel meetings of personnel volunteers
  • Track employee contract end dates and renewals
  • Ensure hiring processes are happening in a timely manner
  • Manage staff feedback processes
  • Coordinate weekly small meeting with a different coordinator + working group members to ensure coordinator is being supported and meeting expectations
  • Advocate for needs of coordinators


  • Familiar with No More Deaths
  • Bilingual
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Conflict mediation experience and experience with transformative justice models
  • Self-motivated, independently able to identify issues and come up with innovative solutions
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office programs and ability to learn new technologies (if not familiar) i.e. Nextcloud/Jotform
  • Meeting facilitation skills
  • English/Spanish bilingual required

Contract Conditions

  • 25 hours a week at $16 an hour
  • Cell phone and Laptop provided by NMD, to be used for NMD purposes only

No More Deaths is an equal-opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants. Individuals with personal ties to the border or who identify as coming from an affected community are especially encouraged to apply.

Thanks for your interest in this position!

Second Military Style Raid in Two Months: Border Patrol detains 12 people receiving humanitarian aid

Arivaca, AZ: After sunset on October 5th, US Border Patrol entered No More Deaths’ humanitarian aid station, Byrd Camp with a federal warrant, for a second nighttime raid in two months. Volunteers were held for 3 hours while 12 people who were receiving medical care, food, water, and shelter from the 100+ degree heat were detained.

In a massive show of armed force, Border Patrol, along with the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC), descended on the camp with an armored tank, ATVS, a helicopter, and many marked and unmarked vehicles. Agents armed with assault rifles chased and terrorized those that were receiving care, all while the helicopter hovered low above them kicking up dust and debris, making it nearly impossible to see. Border patrol smashed windows, broke doors, and destroyed essential camp infrastructure as well as supplies.This was after heavily surveilling the camp and patrolling its perimeter, creating an antagonistic and distressing environment for those receiving care, since late Saturday night on the 3rd.

Since the previous raid on July 31st, Border Patrol has refused on multiple occasions to meet with volunteers to discuss previous shared agreements that upheld the right to provide humanitarian aid. The sector chief sent No More Deaths representatives a formal letter asserting this refusal. 

Border Patrol’s continual surveillance and harassment of Byrd Camp keeps patients from receiving essential care. This criminalization of the humanitarian aid and medical care we provide is only a furtherance of the agency’s deadly policies. Border Patrol detains people in unsafe and deadly facilities where medical neglect is rampant and human rights abuses are well documented.

Paige Corich Kleim, a volunteer present for the raid yesterday said this about the previous raid in late July  “Once again, Border Patrol is concentrating their resources on interfering with humanitarian aid during the most deadly time of year for people crossing the border, People are dying in the desert because of border enforcement policy, and now Border Patrol wants to prevent people from accessing life-saving assistance. We view this as a clear violation of international humanitarian law.”

Since 2004, Byrd Camp has been a location where people crossing through the harsh Sonoran Desert can find food, water, medical care, and respite. Byrd Camp has always operated openly and transparently and offered humanitarian aid according to Red Cross protocols. No More Deaths affirms the right of all people, regardless of nationality, to give and receive humanitarian aid. Our volunteers are specifically trained to respect autonomy when providing care as is standard practice in the medical field and only call 911 and Border Patrol with patient consent. We will continue to be a presence in the desert as long as Border Patrol policies create a crisis of death and disappearance