Fact sheets

Dispossession by deportation

A summary of the Shakedown report. How the United States is depriving deportees of their property arbitrarily without due process of law and placing them at heightened risk.

PostDepHealth-coverHealth impacts of deportation

A summary of the Post-deportation Health report. Learn about the compounded health impact of detention and deportation on immigrants and their families.

Unaccompanied minorsUnaccompanied minors

Learn about children who migrate alone, what happens to them when they’re apprehended—especially the vulnerability of Mexican children.

Repatriated womenRepatriated women

Women make up a special category of migrants, and are not immune from abuses, neither on their journey nor after being apprehended.

Medical-Neglect-Fact-SheetMedical neglect

Learn about the statistics related to medical neglect in A Culture of Cruelty.

Lateral-Repatriation-Fact-SheetLateral repatriation

Learn about the practices of the Alien Transfer Exit Program, designed to send migrants far away from the border region through which they originally traveled. It separates families and groups of travelers and costs US taxpayers a lot of money!

Family-Separation-Fact-SheetFamily separation

Learn about Border Patrol practices that separate families and endanger the health and safety of detainees and deportees.