The Good Fight with Ben Winkler: “The muckraker and the border patrol”

The muckraker and the border patrol

The Good Fight with Ben Winkler, April 10, 2014

Everyone working at the border crossing knew that it was happening: brutal violence and abuses by border patrol agents. Sometimes even lethally. But the US Customs and Border Protection wasn’t talking, and politicians seemed more concerned with increasing its size and military power than in holding it accountable.

Enter John Carlos Frey, muckraker.

An investigative reporter of the old school, he got a tip about a secret videotape of a killing, in which a dozen border patrol agents brutally beat a hogtied migrant. Where thousands of reported abuses hadn’t made a dent in official policy, maybe this video could spark a change. And so the dogged hunt began, leading to an expose that would trigger Congressional outrage, a buried investigation, and finally an official shift that could pave the way to lifesaving changes. On today’s Good Fight, we examine the power of an image to awaken a nation to an outrage—and look at the dark side of the political drive to “secure the border.

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