Now Hiring: Media Coordinator


No More Deaths/No Más Muertes is a humanitarian aid organization that seeks to end death and suffering in the US-Mexico borderlands.  We are a volunteer-led, consensus-based organization.

Our organization has been under increasing attack by the US government.  Nine of our volunteers have faced federal prosecution on misdemeanor and/or felony charges.  These legal cases have brought national attention to No More Deaths while we have launched a political campaign to defend our volunteers facing federal charges and protect the ability to continue offering humanitarian aid to migrants crossing through the Arizona borderlands. 

Of the nine volunteers, one still faces charges.  Dr. Warren’s first trial was held in early June, and resulted in a hung jury. On July 2nd, the US government announced its intention to retry Dr. Warren on harbouring charges. That trial is currently scheduled to begin on November 12th, 2019.  This continuance of legal challenges against our volunteers necessitates a coordinator to manage our media presence and facilitate media coverage.

Job Description

The Media Coordinator will work closely with the Campaign Coordinator, Campaign messaging team, legal support team, other No More Deaths working groups, the larger No More Deaths community, and allied groups.

The Media Coordinator will 1) act as point-of-contact for all incoming media inquiries, 2) develop relationships with reporters, 3) work with the campaign teams to create both proactive and reactive media strategies (using both traditional and social media platforms), 4) represent No More Deaths at organizational meetings (approximately 2-3x a week) and in meetings with Stakeholders (approximately 1x a month) 5) manage the No More Deaths media budget and request for other monetary resources through the campaign and legal support budget, as needed. 


  1. Receive incoming media inquiries, vet requests, and prioritize inquiries based on capacity and how well the inquiries fit into strategic messaging goals. (25%)
  2. Manage rapid media responses for No More Deaths newsworthy incidents and national/local news on border militarization. This includes creating draft talking points and press releases, assist in planning press conferences and speakers, contacting and training NMD media representatives, and coordinating interviews for media representatives. (25%) 
  3. Increase No More Deaths media and campaign messaging teams by hosting media trainings, train-the-trainer workshops, and organizing past and current talking points (15%)
  4. Representation and Meetings: The Media Coordinator will convene a regular Media meeting, attend bimonthly Spokes meetings, weekly Campaign meetings, and attend the meetings of other working groups as relevant. (10%)
  5. Create a media strategy to consistently put out No More Deaths message and analysis even when there are no new updates to report, in solidarity with other migrant justice groups (10%)
  6. Engage in proactive media cultivation: pitching Op-Eds/stories; following up with friendly reporters to maintain relationships (10%)
  7. Maintain and update No More Deaths’ media list (5%)

NOTE: Hosting media visits to the field (Ajo, Nogales, Arivaca, etc.) is an optional/volunteer aspect of this role, and will not be counted towards the hours of the position.  

Preferred/Necessary Qualifications:

  1. Familiarity with immigrant justice organizing
  2. Familiarity with consensus and horizontal organizing
  3. Bilingual Spanish/English required
  4. Experience talking to media about complex issues
  5. Experience working with Vertical Response, MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  6. Valid driver’s license and ability to travel 

Contract Conditions:

  1. Term: August 2019 – January 2020 with the possibility of extension
  2. Hours: 35 hours/week, $15/hour
  3. Health insurance
  4. Work phone and computer

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