Position available: volunteer coordinator

The No More Deaths personnel committee invites applications for the following stipended position. Please submit the application online before the deadline.

Application deadline
March 23, 2015
Term of service
April 1, 2015–August 1, 2015 full time; August 1, 2015–October 1, 2015 half time
Job definition
We are looking for a coordinator for the desert-aid volunteer program. This includes coordinating our summer program in June and July as well as the regular desert-aid program during May, August, and September. No More Deaths experience is highly recommended. This position serves the needs of NMD by coordinating volunteers who are providing direct aid in the field. From April 1 to October 1, this position focuses on preparing for and coordinating the summer volunteers and their placement at the desert camp(s) in the Arivaca and Ajo areas and the Agua Prieta migrant center.
No More Deaths experience is highly recommended.
Job description
Volunteer coordination:

  • Ensure that all recruitment materials are posted on the NMD website and distributed widely.
  • Screen applications and send prearrival supplemental materials to volunteers.
  • Respond promptly to volunteer information requests by email or phone.
  • Assist in the coordination of volunteer transportation to and from sites.
  • Serve as point person for volunteer concern or questions and assume responsibility for bringing these to core group as appropriate.
  • Work with site leaders and others as appropriate and serve as liaison between visiting volunteers and NMD Tucson. This includes utilizing protocols to mediate concerns pertaining to volunteers.
  • Communicate weekly with site leaders regarding volunteer needs, provide leadership team in advance with information pertaining to volunteers scheduled for upcoming week (i.e., name, hometown, skills, medical information).
  • Maintain contact with those providing housing for volunteers.
  • Work with larger group to ensure that volunteers support infrastucture is   able to respond to NMD’s ongoing needs.
  • Coordinate and organize local volunteers, as needed, to help fulfill the requirements of ‘the job.
  • Attend NMD’s Monday night meetings and weekly desert aid working group (DAWG) meetings.
  • Work closely with the logistics coordinator as a team.

Office management:

  • Welcome new volunteers and provide informational materials and volunteer applications. (Provide volunteer information to the finance committee point person.)
  • Respond to telephone, mail and email correspondence in a timely manner.
  • Serve as NMD liaison to St. Mark’s and meet with office staff as needed.
  • Refer inquiries to appropriate persons, such as working group facilitators.
  • Unlock doors and prepare space for NMD meetings (share with logistics coordinator).

Other responsibilities:

  • Ongoing site visits (location to be determined by needs).
  • Participate in and assist in facilitating working groups as required by current needs.
Contract conditions
The job description outlined above is to be agreed upon along with the following support:

  • A monthly stipend of $1200 full time, $600 half time
  • Cell phone provided by NMD
  • Transportation expense related to NMD work will be reimbursed if NMD vehicle not available
  • NMD to convene a small group to meet with the volunteer on a monthly basis to provide ongoing support and feedback during the time of service

Thanks for your interest in this position!