Stand with Rosa! Eight months in Sanctuary

Dear NMD supporters,

Eight months ago a courageous Tucsonan, Rosa Robles Loreto, entered into public Sanctuary at Southside Presbyterian Church in an effort to stop her pending deportation and to remain with her family and community here in Arizona.

Despite the fact that Rosa has been determined by Immigration and Customs Enforcement not to be a priority for removal, Sanctuary! #LetRosaStaythe Department of Homeland Security has refused to intervene to stop her pending deportation. We need your help to get Rosa back home with her children and back contributing to the daily life of her community. Please take action today to tell Sarah Saldaña, the Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, to act immediately to halt Rosa’s deportation.

As our Congress is gridlocked and the future remains in limbo for immigrant families, Secretary Johnson and Director Saldaña have the discretionary power to determine how immigration removals are prioritized—and they must act now to stop Rosa’s deportation.

Let them know that you stand with Rosa and all those other friends, neighbors, mothers and sisters who, like her, face separation from their loved-ones and the communities in which they have built their lives.


Sarah Roberts and Stefanie Keenan
Keep Tucson Together

Background on Rosa’s case