Fall fundraising appeal

Dear friends of No More Deaths,

The Border Patrol raided our camp on June 15. Armed agents entered the clinic and took four patients from under our medical team’s care. The raid was a violation of a long-standing agreement not to interfere with our work, but it drove home the fact that our government—at the highest levels—is determined to go after undocumented people no matter their circumstances.

The outrageous announcement, in September, of the cancellation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was a further instance of that no-holds-barred anti-immigrant agenda.

Despite obstacles, we remain committed to our mission of ending death and suffering in the borderlands. The undocumented among us are here to stay; their courage inspires us to stand our ground and continue to stand with them.

After the June raid, you stood with us. You nearly doubled the $10,000 fundraising goal we had set that month. Volunteer applications increased. Three thousand people signed our petition calling for the Border Patrol to stop interfering with humanitarian aid.

Thank you, dear friends, for your continuing support and generosity.

In solidarity,

The No More Deaths community

Featured photo: Abby Levin. A volunteer sports a DACA-themed shirt while on a water drop somewhere in the Ajo migration corridor in April.