Summer volunteer program

Interested in applying? Check the schedule for your application deadline, review the program expectations, then follow the application steps.


During the hottest months of the year, No More Deaths’s Desert Aid project conducts a summer volunteer program to bring in additional volunteers to cover a lot of ground. The minimum stay is one week.

Time of year July; two 1-2 week long sessions. 
Length of stay 1-2 weeks
Cost At this time we’re able to offer the program free of cost. 
Group size We can accommodate groups of two to four people. The total number of volunteers we can host each session is 10.

We encourage volunteers with the ability to stay a month or longer to consider the month-long volunteer program instead.


Please note the application deadline for your desired start date. We add summer dates to the application in the spring. Please wait to apply until dates are added.

Session start date Session end date Application deadline
Saturday, July 6th, 2019 Friday July 12th or Friday July 19th May 1st, 2019
Saturday July 20th, 2019  Friday July 26th or Friday August 2nd May 1st, 2019

A sample weekly schedule is available.


  • All groups of two or more people must establish a group contact person. This person is responsible for submitting the volunteer-group form on time and making sure that each group member submits their application on time. If the group is invited to participate in the program, the group contact person will also be responsible for making sure that all group members pay the volunteer fee in full.
  • Training begins at 9 a.m. All participants must be present for the start of training. Please plan your travel accordingly!
  • While No More Deaths provides the meals during training and in the field, volunteers are responsible for buying and preparing their own food during rest days in Tucson.
  • All volunteers are expected to bring their own tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads. See the packing list.
  • For important further details and requirements, see the FAQ that applies to all the volunteer programs, including the summer program.

Steps for applying

    1. Please read all the information above. Review the FAQ and the sample weekly schedule.
    2. Find someone from a grassroots organization you have worked with or been involved with (activist collective, nonprofit, advocacy group, volunteer/community-service organization, etc.) to write you a letter of reference. Tell them what program dates you are applying for and ask them to fill out the following form before the application deadline:

    1. Submit the application by the correct deadline.
  1. If you are part of a group of two to four people, establish a contact person to fill out the volunteer-group form. This must be submitted by the same deadline.

What next?

You will get a response to your application within one week of the application’s deadline. Thank you for your interest and your support in our work!