Phonebank: Help Expand Our Reach

In advance of Dr. Warren’s retrial this November we are asking supporters to help us spread the word far and wide about the dangerous precedent this case could set for the right to give and receive aid. If you’ve been following from home and wondered what you can do to support, this is your chance. We’re inviting concerned people across the country to help us connect with as many residents of southern Arizona as possible and ask if they want to show their support by putting out a sign in their yard.

Live in New York? Kentucky? Spain? It doesn’t matter! The charges against Dr. Warren threaten not only the work of No More Deaths but borderlands residents as a whole as well as thousands of people across the nation. If it becomes a crime for a humanitarian aid worker to offer water and shelter to those at risk of dying of dehydration and exposure, where will the government draw the line? Will it now become a crime for a food pantry to welcome in the undocumented community? For a doctor to treat an undocumented patient? For a spouse to feed their undocumented partner?

Don’t let the government criminalize basic decency. Support us now.