Desert Aid spring volunteer application

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Participation details

Please choose the session or sessions during which you would like to work with NMD.
1. Initial session
2. Additional session (if any)
3. Additional session (if any)
Are you applying as an individual or as part of a group? A group includes anyone who is also applying who you would like to volunteer alongside. In addition to this application, your group should identify a contact person to fill out the volunteer-group form.
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Emergency contact

Please supply contact details for someone close to you that we should contact in the event of an emergency.
Emergency-contact person’s name
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Date of birth (please enter in the form MM/DD/YYYY)
Are you a US citizen? Yes
If not, please tell us a little about your immigration status in the US. This information is pertinent to legal protections for those volunteering in the desert.
Does any of the following describe your diet?
NMD is able to accommodate these dietary limitations. If you have others besides those mentioned here, we ask that you come prepared with your own food alternatives. (Likewise, please bring any medications you need.)

Do you have any health conditions, including allergies, that we should know about?
Please tell us about them, including any medications you are currently taking.
What gender pronoun is correct for you? (e.g., she, he, they)
This question is optional.
What is your racial or ethnic identity?
This question is optional.


We ask for a letter of introduction from someone in a grassroots organization with which you have worked or in which you have been involved. Examples include activist collectives, nonprofits, advocacy groups, volunteer organizations, and community-service organizations. Your reference can fill out our form here. Please make sure they complete the reference form by the application deadline.
What organization will be supplying your letter of introduction?
Please provide the phone number and email of an individual who can verify your involvement in the above organization and act as a character reference. This can be the same individual who wrote the letter of introduction.
Their name
Their phone number
Their email address


Do you have previous NMD experience?
Please describe in 100 words or less.
Do you speak Spanish?
Please choose the percentage that best indicates how much you can understand and articulate in ordinary situations.
Do you have any medical certifications?
You can select multiple certifications by holding down the Ctrl button (PC) or the command button (Mac).
Do you have previous camping experience?
Desert Aid volunteers will spend up to five days in remote areas with primitive camping conditions. Volunteers are expected to provide their own tent, sleeping bag, and hiking supplies.

Essay questions

Please review the information you have provided for accuracy and completeness. Your application has not been submitted unless you receive the confirmation email and/or see the confirmation screen.