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Use Your Social Media Platform to Defend Humanitarian Aid

Help No More Deaths spread the word about the Retrial of Dr. Scott Warren! Scott is facing a decade in prison for giving food, water, clean clothes, and beds to two young undocumented men from Central America. Retrial begins November 12th in Tucson, Arizona.

Widen our reach

Reshare posts from No More Deaths and allies! Here is our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will be updating our supporters on what’s happening at the court daily. 

Use hashtags so your content is searchable and others can adopt key phrases: #humanitarianaidisneveracrime #nomoredeaths #nomasmuertes #waternotwalls #dropthecharges #scottwarren

Tag accounts who share your interest in immigrant rights, social justice, and civil liberty and invite your followers to share your public content. 

Why this case matters:

  • There is a humanitarian crisis of death and disappearance along the US-Mexico borderlands. Over 3,000 remains of migrants have been found in the Arizona desert since 2001. On average, a body is discovered every three days – updated number of known migrant deaths here.
  • Scott’s arrest is part of a nationwide pattern in which ICE & CBP are targeting groups and individuals who speak out against their abusive policies.
  • What Scott did is not exceptional and happens every day in the borderlands. Border residents have been offering life-saving humanitarian assistance to migrants crossing the desert for generations. 

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid exeptionalizing Scott.  Shift to normalizing aid work.
  • Avoid Scott as innocent and migrants as guilty. Frame as right to GIVE AID and to RECEIVE AID. 
  • Don’t buy into language of criminalization! (“we’re not the real criminals”) or suggest that BP resources would be “better used” elsewhere (i.e. “go after the bad guys” instead of humanitarian aid workers)
  • Avoid “good” migrant v. “bad” migrant. Frame migration as necessity due to US policies, imperialism, and intervention in Latin America.

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