RE-Trial Court Support

Beginning November 12th, Dr. Scott Warren will stand trial in Tucson Federal Court for a second time this year for offering food, water and beds to undocumented migrants in the borderlands. The charges against Dr. Warren are a marked escalation of an already deadly strategy of hyper-border militarization and prevention through deterrence. Join us in Tucson as we stand in solidarity with Dr. Warren and resist the criminalization of aid workers and border residents.


Tuesday, November 12th
  Press Conference, 8 AM

Wednesday, November 13th
  Harm Reduction Kit Assembly, 9 - 12 AM

Thursday, November 14th
  Water Drop Launch, 8 - 9 AM 

Friday, November 15th
  Screenprinting, 9 AM - 12 PM

Monday, November 18th
  Water Drop Launch, 8 - 9 AM 

Tuesday, November 19th
  Detainee Letter Writing, 9 AM - 12 PM 

Wednesday, November 20th
  Faith Floods the Courthouse, 8 AM


If you plan to join us in the courtroom, please come prepared to do the following:

  • OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE: Do not speak to or interact with jurors at all. That goes for in the hallway outside the courtroom, the elevators, the bathroom, around the courthouse and if you happen to run into them anywhere else in Tucson Any appearance of interaction could result in issues for yourself, others, or even the case itself.
  • Dress appropriately for court, aka what you might wear to an important job interview. No shirts with slogans – they might get you removed from court.
  • Arrive on time, before the scheduled start time. Be prepared to go through security. ID is required and you will have to go through a metal detector. Leave all unnecessary items at home.
  • There may be limited room in the courtroom itself and we are trying to prioritize access for relatives of Dr. Warren and long-term NMD volunteers. It is possible that we may ask you to vacate your seat for someone who is actively working on trial support.
  • Be cordial or polite to the courthouse staff at security or in the courtroom.
  • No beverages or food out in the courtroom, including water bottles.
  • Phones must be OFF before entering the courtroom. Using a phone or computer in the courtroom will result in your removal.
  • Keep noise to a minimum in the courtroom, especially while the judge is present. Stay silent while the jury is in the room.
  • Keep verbal and physical reactions to a minimum while court is in session.
  • If you do talk in the courtroom or courthouse (including the hallways!) be careful discussing details of the case or anything you do not want the government to hear.
  • Remember that other people in the hallway, in nearby cafes, in line at security, and anywhere in and near the courthouse could either be a juror or a plainclothes officer working on the case. Don’t talk about anything you don’t want the state to hear, or assume that people you don’t know who are attending the trial are other supporters by default.
  • Be aware other people are going through the federal court system at the same time with a lot less support, and keep noise down when the crowd is in the hallway.
  • If approached by media, please politely direct them to our media spokespeople.

We know this is a lot and a lot of it kind of sucks! We didn’t make the rules but we are asking that if you come to support you stick with that intention and act in a way that will cause the least repercussion for Scott, for NMD volunteers and for the proceedings as a whole. Thanks for your understanding.

Please direct all questions to our campaign coordinator.