Sanctuary at Southside Presbyterian

A letter from sanctuary: Rosa Robles Loreto

On Thursday, August 7, I entered into sanctuary with my husband Gerardo and our two sons Gerardo Jr. and Jose Emiliano in an effort to stop my deportation and to keep our family together. This decision, to enter sanctuary at Southside Presbyterian Church in Tucson, Arizona, was not an easy choice to make but the alternative was far worse. The thought of being separated from my boys,Sanctuary! #LetRosaStay not being able to see them and be with them as they grow and face the world, was more than I could take.

It is in this spirit that I join with local advocates in Tucson to ask that the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, use his power and discretion to stop my deportation and ensure that my family remains together. I know that there are thousands of other mothers in similar situations. I hope that you will take action now to urge Secretary Johnson to do the right thing for me, for my sons and for my community. I have faith in God that we will succeed and that each of us will continue to cry out for justice for the many other mothers who risk be separated from their children.

Thank you for your commitment to justice and family unity!


Rosa Robles Loreto