Position Available: PART TIME Volunteer Coordinator

TERM OF SERVICE: 20 hours a week @ $15 an hour

CONTRACT DATES: April 19, 2021 to April 21, 2022

JOB DEFINITION: This position serves the needs of No More Deaths by facilitating a multiplicity of inroads for incoming volunteers to support our humanitarian-aid work in the borderlands. The primary duties will involve preparing for and implementing NMD’s Desert Aid volunteer program. The full time Volunteer Coordinator (who works 35 hours a week) will work in conjunction with the part time Volunteer Coordinator (who works 20 hours a week) as a team. The two positions will collectively be responsible for the following duties.


Administer Desert Aid volunteer programs (Month long & Local) (60 percent):

  •  Represent NMD as a spokesperson for interested volunteers
  • Ensure that program dates, applications, and reference forms are posted on the NMD website at least three months ahead of the start of any given program
  • Ensure that all volunteer program information on website is up to date
  • Create & post content to social media platforms to publicize the Desert Aid Volunteer Programs
  • Track volunteer applications and bottom-line review process
  • Communicate with interested, accepted, and rejected volunteers
  • Provide comprehensive and up to date pre-arrival information & training packets to incoming volunteers
  • Provide Desert Aid facilitators with demographic info about incoming volunteers for the incoming month and the following month
  • Track all volunteer housing requests, bring them to the working group, and keep track of approvals
  • Coordinate, Organize & upkeep gear lending library in St Marks Office
  • With logistics coordinator, check in on and maintain upkeep of interior and exterior of all volunteer housing spaces (Tucson volunteer house, Tucson returner house, Ajo house)
  • Schedule new & returning volunteers on the Desert Aid calendars, and ensure that the calendars are organized and current. Do outreach for calendar coverage as needed.
  • Ensure that local volunteers and returners get their Nextcloud accounts set up
  • When solicited, serve as point person for volunteer concerns or questions and assume responsibility for bringing these to the core group and/or conflict resolution group as appropriate
  • Coordinate debriefs for outgoing volunteers and share pertinent feedback at with Desert Aid Working Group
  • Work closely as a team with the 2 Desert Aid logistics coordinators & Part Time Volunteer Coordinator

General NMD volunteer coordination (25 percent):

  • Spend at least 1 day in the field (Byrd camp, Ajo, etc) every 2 months to stay up to date on current context of the desert
  • Respond promptly to volunteer information requests by email and phone
  • Bottom-line and facilitate monthly Volunteer Trainings that inform potential volunteers of the scope of NMD work, including history of the border crisis, NMD stucture, history, and legal issues, desert aid protocols, know your rights, and how to get involved with the work we do; assemble team of volunteers to help host orientations
  • Communicate with and support returning desert aid volunteers tapping back in to field work
  • Play an active support role for any volunteers involved in surveillance and / or law enforcement raids in the field
  • Ensure content of monthly trainings is current

Administration and Transitions: (15 percent):

  • Collect agenda items, prepare agenda for weekly Desert Aid Working Group meetings, and attend these meetings. Facilitate these meetings as needed
  • Bottom line scheduling / attend monthly facilitator meetings. Facilitate these meetings as needed
  • Split responsibility of attending spokes-council meetings over the duration of the position with the Part Time Volunteer Coordinator and 2 Logistics Coordinators
  • Participate in the yearly budgeting process for the Desert Aid Working Group
  • Attend monthly Personnel meetings
  • Ensure that all materials are up to date before transferring job duties to next volunteer coordinator
  • With the help of long-term volunteers, train incoming volunteer coordinator at the end of the position with an overlap period
  • Identify and improve systems that need updating, complete other job duties as they arise

    When it is Covid safe to do so, the Volunteer Coordinators will also:
  • Collaborate with End Streamline Coalition to organize volunteer group attending an Operation Streamline court hearing during the program


  • Must be based out of Tucson (this is not a remote position)
  • Bi-lingual in Spanish and English
  • Excellent interpersonal, conflict resolution, and organizational skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated, independently able to identify issues and come up with innovative solutions
  • Proficiency with or ability to learn office suits used by No More Deaths, including e-mail, file sharing, spreadsheets, slideshow, listservs, and shared calendar
  • Strong sense of humor and flexibility
  • Knowledge of global migration issues and their impacts on the US/Mexico/Central American crossing corridor
  • Experience with program development, mutual aid, and/or community organizing in migrant/refugee, BIPOC, and working class communities


  • Monthly salary of $1,200
  • Cell phone and computer provided by NMD, to be shared with full time Volunteer Coordinator & used for job purposes only
  • Responsible access to NMD vehicle (if NMD vehicle not available, transportation expenses related to NMD work will be reimbursed)
  • Personnel support group will meet with the volunteer coordinator on a monthly basis (or as needed) to provide ongoing support and feedback during the time of service

No More Deaths strongly encourages applications from Black, Indigenous, and people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants. Individuals with personal ties to the border or who identify as coming from an affected community are especially encouraged to apply. No More Deaths is an equal-opportunity employer.

Thanks for your interest in this position!

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